One month of complete chaos around the globe and a week without football already looks like an eternity.

-The fans in their thousands.

-Filled stadiums on the weekend.
-The UCL song and the excitement that comes with it.
-All but gone.

-The globe is grieving
-The spirit of soccer is grieving

The Corona virus has not only halted typical day to day activities of billions of people around the world, but it has also halted the beautiful game that we love. After all, health is the most important thing; without health, there will be no soccer.

It is not just the responsibility of the world health organization, but everyone must work to ensure that the Virus is no further transmitted and is kicked out of the game and the globe entirely.

Since the outbreak of the Virus in Europe, Italian Serie A was the first league to be suspended, after some games were played behind closed doors, but the continuous widespread of the Virus forced a decision for the league to be indefinitely suspended.

The Coppa Italia final was also moved to the end of May, and it is uncertain that it will hold if the situation right now is not salvaged.
Juventus defender Daniele Rugani was the first player to test positive for Coronavirus in the top 5 leagues in the world. Other players have also tested positive. Fiorentina striker Patrick Cutrone, on loan from Wolves, and team-mate German Pezzella and club physio Stefano Danielli.
Blaise Matuidi later became the second Juventus player to test positive. It was also reported that at least five players of Sampdoria tested positive of the Virus.

Chelsea player, Callum Hudson Odoi was the first EPL player to test positive for the Virus.

Arsenal Coach Mikel Arteta also tested positive for the Virus. There have been reports that the two are recovering well from the Virus.

The English FA suspended the Premier League until April 4 and the EFL until April 3 at the earliest.

The Spanish La Liga was also suspended indefinitely.
Ezequiel Garay was the first La Liga player to announce that he has tested positive for Coronavirus, with Valencia later confirming five positive tests among players and staff.

UEFA recently announced that Euro 2020 had been postponed until the summer of 2021. The proposed new dates were June 11 to July 11 next year. This means that the Euro 2020 play-offs that should take place later this month have been shifted to June 2020 international break.

The 2021 Nations League finals, UEFA Under-21 European Championships, and the Women’s Euro 2021 were also postponed.

The CONMEBOL has also announced that the 2020 Copa America has been moved to 2021 to allow South American players based in Europe to finish their league campaigns.

Other football leagues across the globe have also been halted in this period of uncertainty. Everybody is ensuring to do their best to curtail the spread of the Virus

Hopefully, very soon, the whole world will return to the way it used to be. For some reason or the other, if it’s not possible to conclude the ongoing season, some pundits have called for the whole season to be canceled while others propose that league games should be concluded in 10 days, meaning that players will play a game once or twice in 2 days.
It is important to know that if the league is canceled, the top 5 football leagues will lose up to 5 billion dollars in revenue.
The premier league will be the top loser, with about €800m broadcasting revenue at stake, followed by the Spanish La Liga, who could lose up to €700m.

It’ll be a great loss for the top teams, but life is more precious as the Virus had killed thousands of people around the world already. UEFA has proposed that all league season will be concluded by June 30. But it is going to be impossible if the virus spread doesn’t slow down.

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