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The 2019/20 Serie A title race- Football in Italy

Football is the most-watched sport in the world. It is also one of the most entertaining sport. In every part of the world, football is a popular sport. It is equally popular in Italy. In Italy, the most competitive and entertaining competition is Serie A. It is also one of the most popular leagues in the world. Presently, the 2019/20 season is going on and the Serie A title race is full of entertainment and competition.

in Italy

In Italy, football is the most popular and famous game. The Italian Nation is so passionate about football. They are emotionally attached to this sport. This is the reason that their National team has won the FIFA World Cup 4 times. Italy didn’t only rule football at the international level, but they also had ruled the world at the club level. Italy also has a lot of records and championships at the club level. Now we will discuss its most competitive and famous league Serie A.

Serie A:

Serie A is the professional league in Italy. It professionally began in 1929. Its trophy Coppa Campioni d’Italia was introduced in 1961. Top 3 teams of Serie A qualify for Champions League. Teams with position 4-6 qualify the Europa League.

It is one of the most entertaining, competitive and toughest leagues. This league has witnessed some of the greatest clubs in the history of league football. The three major clubs, who didn’t the only rule Italy but also the world are:

1: AC Milan
2: Inter Milan
3: Juventus

Juventus has won most trophies 35. AC Milan and Inter Milan have won 18 trophies each. In the last few decades, these three clubs have been ruling. Now the competition has increased with clubs like Roma, Napoli, Lazio, and Atalanta providing some competition in the last three seasons.

2019/20 Serie A title race:

This is the 118th season of Italian football and Juventus who are defending champions may yet win it all again. They’ve actually won the league for eight consecutive seasons now which is a record.

The 2019/20 Serie A title race is heating up day by day. Three contenders Juventus, Inter Milan, and Lazio are competing for the title. This title race is one of the most exciting title race since 2011. Juventus had been winning the Scudetto at a canter but, Lazio and Inter Milan are pushing them all the way this season.

Serie A title race Match by Match:

Since Matchday 1, 2019/20 Serie A title race was heating up between Inter Milan and Juventus. Inter Milan completely dominated the first six match days of Serie A with Juventus lurking behind them.

These two met on matchday 7 with Juventus taking all three points and subsequently took the top spot. From match day 8 to 13 Juventus led the title race. Then came matchday 14 and Inter Milan regained the top spot after Juventus drew their match. Till matchday 24 these two teams kept fighting for the title.


Enter Lazio

Lazio with their excellent and consistent form took the top spot in the table. Lazio’s striker Ciro Immobile is currently the leading goal scorer in the league. He is also the top goal scorer in Europe. Now after matchday 26, Lazio are very much contenders for the title. Now we are sure that, for the remaining 12 match days, this 2019/20 Serie A title race will be very competitive.

Fixtures for 2019/20 Serie A title race:

will play at home against:

Lecce, Torino, Inter Milan, Atalanta, Lazio, Sampdoria, Roma. It would be a tough test for Juventus at home. Atalanta, Inter Milan, Lazio, and Roma are really tough competitors. Any one of them could be a hurdle for Juventus in the title race.

away fixtures are against:

Bologna, Genoa, AC Milan, Sassuolo, Udinese, Cagliari. It would be easy trips for Juventus away from home, except AC Milan.

Milan will host the following teams in 2019/20 Serie A title race:

Sassuolo, Brescia, Bologna, Torino, Florentina, Napoli. It would be easy for Inter Milan to host these teams. Only Napoli can make trouble for Milan in 2019/20 Serie A title race.

Milan’s away fixtures are against:

Juventus, Parma, Hellas Verona, SPAL, Roma, Genoa, Atlanta. It would not be easy for Inter Milan to carry on the title race at away from home.

will play the following teams at home:

Fiorentina, AC Milan, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Brescia. At home, it looks like Lazio can carry on their 2019/20 Serie A title race easily.

will travel away to face the following teams in 2019/20 Serie A title race:

Atalanta, Torino, Lecce, Udinese, Juventus, Hellas Verona, Napoli. Away from Lazio might struggle, because of their clash with giants.

not Prediction for 2019/20 Serie A title race:

League Factor:

Inter Milan are looking potential winner and contenders for 2019/20 Serie A title race. Juventus are also very close, but the Champions League factor can affect them. Champions League is the competition of high pressure and standards. You play with your best squad in this competition and give rest in their domestic fixtures. Champions League season can reduce their Serie A winning chances. It would be difficult for Juventus to carry on the 2019/20 Serie A title race.

We know that Lazio is top of the table right now, but as compare to Inter Milan and Juventus, they are weak. They can collapse anytime. Only two, three players of Lazio are performing well. On the other hand, Juventus and Milan are playing like a team. Both of these teams have excellent the attack, good midfield, and excellent defense.

Another factor is squad depth. Both Milan and Juventus have squad depth. Any injury wouldn’t affect them as much as it will affect Lazio. All these factors will decide the title winner. 2019/20 Serie A title race would be treated to watch more.

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