Premier League

All Hail Watford!

On Saturday 29th of February, everyone
experienced a rare day that occurs once in 4 years. Some might even consider
this date as a glitch in the matrix. For fans of Premier League football,
Watford vs. Liverpool was indeed the biggest surprise on the oddest day of the

The underdogs and fan favorites face-off was held in
Vicarage Road, the home of Watford. The smaller team had experienced an intense
struggle at the bottom of the Premier League table for the entirety of the season
so far. With only 5 wins and 13 losses before this match, it was hard to expect
anything new or interesting from the Hertfordshire club.

On the other side of the table, Liverpool has remained a
powerhouse for football fans around the world. Even the aggressive supporters
of dominant clubs like Manchester City have conceded to respect the masterclass
Liverpool has delivered in the 2019/2020 season.

The match kicked off with Watford making a few changes from
their previous lineup against Manchester United. Watford elected to start
22-year-old Ismaila Sarr at the forward position and Kiko Femenia as the right

Liverpool were absolutely drained during this match. Their best players were unable to deliver and only managed a single shot on target in the 90’ minute. Liverpool’s defense was nothing spectacular as well and they were noticeably a lot worse with the absence of Joe Gomez who was replaced by Dejan Lovren for this match.

Ismaila Sarr of Watford was able to score two spectacular goals during the game with his great finishing skills to solidify Watford’s deserved win. Alongside Sarr, Troy Deeney secured the third goal for Watford’s side as he scored a 72nd minute goal that boosted Watford’s confidence in their victory against the best club in the Premier League this season.

Liverpool suffered its first Premier League loss and
considering the results, Jürgen Klopp remained a good sportsman and commented
on Watford’s performance saying:

“They did exactly what they wanted to do, we did not.
That’s how football works.

“You have to accept it, it’s not so easy, but it’s the
proof we were not good enough. It’s always very difficult.”

“If you win good, if you lose, try to do it in the
right manner and do it like a man.”

Watford’s manager Nigel Pearson was ecstatic:

“It’s such an important win for us. But it is one win.
Our season has been tough so far, with losing last week and not playing well,
we were keen to get a response.”

“They are such an outstanding side, we had to get our
performance right – as close to max as possible – and I thought we thoroughly
deserved the win. We threatened with the ball and defended with discipline,
energy and commitment. That’s been the message from day one.”

“It’s in our own hands, and we have to deliver that
performance week in, week out.”

One thing is for sure, this match will be a cautionary tale
for football clubs to remain as hungry as those at the bottom. If not, they
could have their victory snatched by an underdog. For now, we celebrate
Watford’s performance and congratulate their superb performance.

Charles I Adebiyi Administrator

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